See my movie, or die tryin'

CNN story

Violence erupts at a showing of the new 50 Cent movie.

This is just like the Candyshop riots.

This may be the key commentary in the story:

I’m no fan of 50-Cent, but I’ve never liked the argument that violent films/tv/video games directly spark violence in real life.


50 Cent is wack, and I’m wack-tose intolerant.

So, violence erupts in the lobby of a theater showing this movie, there is no evidence anyone involved saw the movie or was about to, and we blame the shitty movie for the violence?

It looks like the authorities are making the assumption.

Was there a post deleted? I’m confused…

Yes. I was quoting Breakdancing Duck who has since been banned.

Ah, thanks. Used to seeing the little “deleted post” placeholder and didn’t see it here so I was a little confused.