Seeing the breath as an energy filled fog

Hi everyone,

I am not sure if this is where I should be posting this but since I am a new member here it is. Many years ago when I was more interested in my psychic development as opposed to my current spiritual development a recurring event was taking place in my life. It usually happened when I was alone and relaxed. As I calmed down even further, I would notice my breath coming out of my nose in a soft billowing fog. The more I looked at it, the points/dots/spots of energetic light seemed to take over the fog. The more I relaxed the stronger the billowing light energy fog became. It would eventually turn from a fog to simply billowing light energy spots with a little fog. My breath fog grew so thick it blocked out everything else in the room. This experience would continue until I grew tired of experiencing it and then it would slowly disappear. The time frame was somewhere around 5-10 minutes. I am curious to know if anyone out there has had a similar experience.

Emil Toth

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Has anyone else ever noticed that your breath lights up in the cold?

Sure, I have all sorts of weird crap like that happen when I get nice and relaxed. Then I wake up.

Nope; relaxed, tense or whatever, I’ve never seen my breath unless I was in a cold environment, and I suppose, one could say I might have seen ‘light energy spots’ if it was cold enough for the moisture in my exhalations to freeze; i.e. ice crystals reflecting light.

What the OP describes, though? No, and I see nothing persuasive in the OP’s description.

I’ve had daydreams before.

Not personally, but yes, concentrating on your breathing is a known meditation technique, and deep meditation leads to experiences like you describe.

Deep meditation experiences are often described as “a light”, or “lights”. Or as “hallucinations”. If you aren’t expecting it, it can be a bit scary.

You can also get out-of-body experiences, I think there are specific techniques to make that more likely? It’s been a long time since I’ve talked with anyone doing deep meditation.

Here’s a random web page: meditation - meaning of lights

Many beginners see lights during meditation; this indicates that basic proficiency is being attained in meditation, and that the nadis are getting purified/toned. It may also encourage a beginner to persist through the early, unpleasant phases of meditation. I still occasionally see sharp pinpoints of light, usually red and white. They appear and disappear in an instant. There is no meaning attached to a vision of such lights - it happens naturally to almost all beginning meditators.

The real deal is Tanmatric lights. These indicate that your practice has improved beyond a certain threshold. Visions of Tanmatras can be overwhelming, fear-producing, or stressful. Such lights are more intense, extremely bright, and can linger for an instant or for the duration of your meditation, sometimes appearing even when you are up and about. These are rooted in much deeper subtle/psychic processes.

Based on what you say, I’d say you are experiencing the former category. It is good that you can relax and get yourself into a meditative state effortlessly.

Don’t forget that it is also a sign that the wookibs are being conenglafied by the garbfargle.

The internet managed to match up a cannibal with somebody who wanted to be eaten. There can’t be only one person in the world who sees their breath as a billowing energy-filled fog.

This sounds like it’s all in your head. Your twinkly breath fog doesn’t appear to have interacted with anything or set fire to the room or anything interesting like that.

Which is not to say that it’s bad that you can produce bizarre effects in your vision via whatever method you’re doing - I can make weird colors appear in my vision by staring at lights too long. Presuming that your twinkly breath isn’t symptomatic of brain damage it’s probably fine.

However I confess it’s a bit disappointing. Psychic powers that manifest as formlessly uninteresting hallucinations? Come on, I want to see people levitating cars with their mind! Do something cool!

It’s second hand stripper glitter.

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Thats a discredited garbfarglian view, modern science PROVES that the wookibs can only be conenglafied by the krompoloius.

Negative. Modern science is preoccupied with such weighty questions as, “did we just see the spectrum of piss on this planet a godzillion miles away?”

It happens to me too. Especially when it’s less than 20F outside.

Yeah, I’ll take the value of spectral analysis of the atmospheres of exoplanets over the belief in the existence of things called “nadis” any damn day of the week.

Eggzactly, he says it as it was a bad thing.

Well, consider all the time that we wasted inventing agriculture, eradicating smallpox and sequencing the human genome. Just consider where we could be if we had spent that time unblocking our chakras.

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