Seeing underwater in the movies

Well, I’m idly channel surfing, and once again I come across a movie (Jurassic Park
3) which requires a character to rummage around in pitch-black water to find some
crucial item. Umm first of all it would probably be hard to find that flaregun even IF
you’re wearing a mask, much less without one; all you’re going to see is one big
black blur.

Just a pet peeve of mine: other movies which require this kind of superhuman
vision (off the top of my head) include:

Star Trek 4
Original Poiseidon Adventure
What Lies Beneath

I love it especially when all they do is see something, like a dead body, and starting
screaming (underwater natch):

“Hey Jim what was that big dark blurry thing?”
“I dunno Bob-an old trash bag?”

There’s others of course…

Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes is another one. Main character finds a crucial piece of equipment underwater in the dark.

What was the scene in Star Trek 4?

Kirk was trying to locate the release switch for the whale tank underwater. Assuming
he can orient himself AND visually locate the switch, it’s no mean feat…

Ah, near the end. I’d forgotton about that. I was thinking you meant Spock in the aquarium tank near the beginning. Even underwater without a mask, I could recognize that I was next to a whale.

Was there another extended underwater scene besides Shelley Winters’ swim? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, but wasn’t there still power to some of the lights along her route? Now, the odds of electric lights functioning on a ship that’s been flipped upside-down and having been submerged in salt water for hours is another matter entirely…