Seeing who's on my wireless network . . .

Quick question:

I have a password-secured wireless network in my house. I found one neighbor who was having a helluva time on her dial up, so we sent her the password information, and she said she was able to log onto the internet through our wireless connection.

Is there some way I can pull up my internet connection and find out which computers are logged into the wireless hub? Assuming it were a non-password locked connection, how could you do it? What I’d like to do is see her connection and see at what strength she’s connected–I wonder how good her connection is from 200 feet away.

I trust my neighbor. I’m just curious. . .

Here’s a good start:

I posted this several months back with the title: “Can I Tell if my Wireless Connection Has Been Hacked.”

ETA: The router “homepage” should have the info you’re looking for (although I don’t think you can find the strength, I think you can find their speed). I had to scour the manufactures website for mine, but others are listed in the thread.