Seekin his fame and fortune, looking for a pot of gold.

Every say welcome to my friend, -Lodi-. He’s a cool guy and gets my stamp of approval. Totally can’t believe he started posting here, but here’s to a new fellow doper.

[sub] Yes, it is from the CCR song. [/sub]

I knew that thread title sounded familiar.

In that case…

Oh Lord, stuck in, er, I mean, welcome to Lodi again.

I’m no good with welcomes or any such fanfare, so I’ll just say hi.





Hi Lodi! Welcome to the boards!

The only words of advice I can give you are: when you’re making a list, make sure it has at least three items. If it doesn’t, make a third item that says “Hi Opal!”, lest you bring the mighty wrath of OpalCat down upon your head.

Or don’t, whatever you want to do. Enjoy yourself! :slight_smile: