Seeking advice about installing concrete pavers over dirt

There’s a small area of our backyard that is at the end of the stairway down from the main level, and I wanted to put hardscape in there so we could have a place to put pots with plants in them, of which we have quite a few. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, and I didn’t want to haul sacks of pack and sacks of sand down there, and dig it all out, to do a proper bed. So I just evened out the dirt as best I could, put anti-weed fabric down, and put down square concrete pavers (we already had quite a few of these, I only had to buy 10 more). I had to do some cuts to fit around the concrete walkway, and some of those cuts are good and some of them left gaps, all under 1/2" (which doesn’t sound like much until you look at it).

I was intending all along to put polymeric sand in any gaps, which is supposed to harden with the application of water so that the pavers are locked together, and to help prevent weeds from growing in the dirt that would otherwise accumulate in these gaps. But the more I read about polymeric sand, it seems very fussy and the brands that I can pick up at the home center don’t seem reliable.

Are there other ideas? Many of the pavers are closely butted against each other, so I am not worried about those. I just want to do something to keep dirt from accumulating in any gaps which allows weeds to grow there.

Hmm. I’d just fill it with regular sand, which I use for pavers anyway. Weeds are going to grow between the pavers anyway (at least, they do on my patios), so you’ll be doing that maintenance anyway. If the large gaps are sand, the weeds will come out easily, at least.

I have pavers at the bottom of my deck steps, properly sunk into the ground with a barrier holding them in. After a few years weeds started taking over, so I dutifully dug them out and put in polymetric sand and they looked great! Until the next year, when I had to do it again. And the next year, same thing.

This year I just sprayed it with Roundup and it worked just as well. No sand added. I ended up with grass growing up at the very end of the season but at least it wasn’t taken over by weeds.

It’s a losing battle. Don’t worry too much about it.

I refinished my patio last year, and you’ve hit the nail on the head with the anti-weed fabric down first. The polymeric sand, or just regular sand as @jumpbass and I have done, between the joints will help keep ‘regular’ soil out, and weeds down to a minimum.

You’ll eventually have a couple of weeds, but they’ll be minimal and easy to pluck out. The big part of weed prevention is that fabric.

Wise move!