Seeking Broken Camcorders

I need to find a camcorder that powers up, displays a picture, and has standard RCA composite video out. It doesn’t need to do anything else. I bought one meeting those specs on ebay a while back… except that it turns out that it didn’t power up.

So I turn to the Teeming Millions. Does anyone have an old camcorder lying around? Maybe that one that kept jamming and it was cheaper to replace than fix, so it’s in the closet gathering dust?


I have a full-sized Montgomery Ward VHS camcorder. It has all the accessories, but it needs a new battery. It has the AC adapter/charger which has the video & audio (mono) out. It works fine when hooked to the AC power and connected to a TV or monitor.

I replaced it with a VHS-C unit.

E-mail me if you’re interested.