Seeking Crossword Puzzle Help

I develop a crossword puzzle for a local monthly newspaper. I have a few friends that I route puzzles to before I send them to the paper - basically for beta testing. Do they detect any errors?; are there bad clues?; is anything confusing?; etc. However, I think my friends are starting to lose interest. So, I am looking for a couple of new people who would like to try out and comment on puzzles before they are published.

If you are interested, please indicate in a message how I can contact you, or send an email to

Thanks in advance for your help.

You can send me a PM. I’m a veteran solver, and have even done a bit of constructing over the years (nothing published, though).

Thanks to Sternvogel and the three others who sent emails to me. You should have all received a messge from me by now. Please let me know if you did not.

I would be happy to get one or two additional reviewers if anyone else is interested.

  • Stephen