Seeking digital camera advice

I’m looking at digital cameras, but the most important criteria for me is one that I can’t find listed in the specs- I need the ability to take multiple rapid fire shots, the faster the better-- clickclickclickclickclick. The cheaper the better too- what are some suggestions for a fast, halfway decent, and affordable camera?

Has the “Continuous Drive” figure for all it’s P&S cameras.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX15 2fps 8 images

Canon PowerShot SD990 1.3fps

Sony DSC-W170 1.6fps

Wow, those are low numbers compared to DSLRs. The current crop of Nikon DSLRs will shoot thus:

D60, ~ US$600, 3 fps.
D90, probably a grand, 4.5 fps
D300, ~ US$1500, 6 fps (8 fps with the extra battery grip)
D700, ~ US$3K, 5 fps (8 with grip)
D3, US$4.5K, 9 fps (11 fps in crop mode)

I imagine that Canon would be competitive in both price point and fps with their line-up. I’m a Nikon user, so I know where to find their stats quicker than I could for Canon. I could be a bit off on the pricing, but with the D90 and up, you’ll need to add the cost of lenses.

Maybe you should get a video camera.

Yep. My Canon 40D will manage about 6 fps shooting in JPEG

How fast are you looking for? How many shots in a row do you intend to take? What are your camera size requirements? How much money do you want to spend?

You can go anywhere from 1 fps to 60 fps, depending on the answers to those questions.

Well, the Canon 1D Mark III will do 10 fps for a 110 frame burst, but I’m inclined to agree with beowulff - if the purpose is to take lots of shots in sequence, why not a something like the Casio EX-FH20, which can do low-resolution video at 1000fps? (And no, that’s not a typo) and 7MP bursts at 40 fps? No SLR is going to match that frame rate, but then again the SLRs will be streets ahead in terms of image quality. Different tools for different purposes.

Thanks all. The reason I need the camera is to do stop motion style animation, but with the ability to pan around and zoom in on my images in post production, I cant use video, since the resolution isn’t close to what I’d need to make it look good. I’ll check out all these suggestions now!