Seeking funny/ironic patch for jiu-jitsu uniform

I’ve been taking Brazilian jiu-jitsu for about six months now. While I prefer the plain gi (uniform), most people seem to like to cover theirs in patches. Generally, they use flags and macho type stuff–generally pretty cheesey IMO. I was thinking about finding some Dancing Bear patches to put on my gi just to amuse myself; however, I am not a Dead fan by any stretch of the imagination.

Does anybody know of any good online sources for a wide variety of patches?

Thanks in advance.

No online sources that I know of.

How about making your own?

Something like “Jiu-jitsuka do it from the guard”.


Time to air out a few ones I’ve been thinking about…

“Jiu-jitsuka like to do it on the ground”
“Ninja’s do it in the dark”
“Judoka like to be on top”
“Kendoka like to scream when they are doing it”
“Aikidoka just go with the flow”

“Ninja’s go in and out without being noticed”
“Karateka like to practice on their own”
“Judoka (etc) do it in pajamas”
“Kendoka can only do it with a big stick and lots of armor”
“Aikidoka like to avoid it whenever possible”

Hmm… maybe ebay? :smiley:

“Southside Bagel Factory. Making Things From Jew-Dough For Over 100 Years”

If you move now, you can get the Mr. Potato Head patch. Either that or Mickey as the Sorcerer’s apprentice.

Thanks for all the help, though some of the Do-It-Yourself suggestions seemed a little over the top. :smiley: Regardless, I ebayed and got me a frownie Tigger, a Mr. Potatohead, a Big-Bad Cock (or something to that effect), and a Lucky-Dice Chick.

Now I’m waiting for delivery.

Sorry I’m too late checking in.
Trained and competed BJJ/NHB for several years.

Don’t know why you’d want to put patches on your gi. Or at most, anything other than one for your school.

And I always prefered rolling with guys with plain gis, or shorts only. Your opponents patches can be rough on your skin.

On the other side, patches can make it easier to grab your opponent.

What may seem fun in your club, may look silly to other practitioners. If I were facing off against some guy wearing a “Big Bad Cock” patch - well - he’d better hope he brought his game.

“Is that a frownie Tigger on your uniform?! That’s it, I’m getting my gun!”

How about…

“Mean People Suck”
Smiley Face
Peace Sign

Shame it isn’t kung-fu, you could have had a patch that says
“You think that’s air you’re breathing?”

Wear a Tai Chi patch.

Hey, never mind me. Rolling with your buddies is great fun. But is you ever wanted to compete at even the most basic level, or if you plan on visiting other schools as you travel, I’d recommend avoiding anything that could be interpreted as attitude, unless you are bringing a lot to the mat. Just MHO.

And I’ve sliced my ear open on gi seams alone. My preference is not to toss in raised patches to make that more of a consideration.