Seeking good online sources of maps--for free

Hey, I was looking for a map of the county I work in online and found none. Mapquest is the usual mapping service that I go to for directions & stuff, but it occured to me that their maps aren’t that great for just looking, since all the detail washes out so quickly. Can anybody recommend another source for good maps online? Preferable a free service?

Thanks in advance.

hope this is what you’re looking for

These would be my recommendations:

University of Texas’ collection:

And, of coure, National Geographic:

Also try -

Ok, for maps of the US, you really can’t beat The National Atlas of the US. It is all there. Click “Make Maps” and then add the features you want. Drill down to your specific area, and then add info on Agriculture, Biology, Boundaries, Climate, Environment, Geology, History, People, Transportation, Wate, and other reference categories. A really amazing site, drills down into facts like reported incidents of Avian deaths due to Botulism(food poisoning) as well as an extensive range of demographic data. Take some time to get familiar with it, it is worth it.