Seeking: Guide to MS Access written for FileMaker users

I’m temping in an office. Among the other things they’d like to have me doing here is some modifications to an existing Access database.

I’ve never developed in Access. Poked around in it briefly, said ‘ugh’, didn’t learn it.

They’ve given me a whole bunch of tutorial links but they’re written for people who don’t already know what a relational database is, or principles of data integrity and normalization, SQL query syntax, and so on. I know I could wade through all that but it’s 90% review for me, and in addition to that my mind may interpret what it says in unintended ways because of what I know from FileMaker experience. (e.g., if they use a term that would be completely new to a newbie but is used in FileMaker for specific things, I’d think I knew what they were talking about, and it might not be true because the term is used differently by Access developers).

Anyone know of an Intro to Access guide written specifically for an audience of FileMaker developers?