Seeking info about Benjamin Bathurst

Can any doper recommend to me a book or web site that contains some accurate information about the disappearance of Benjamin Bathurst?

I did a web search a while ago, but all the sites I found were either as superficial as my own knowledge, or leaned way too much to the paranormal.

Thank you, one and all.

From this page.

For an excellent fictional treatment, see “He walked around the horses” by H. Beam Piper (no relation). Complete with a twist at the end.

Q.E.D.: Thanx for your effort, but that was one of the pages I examined during my search. I’m hoping for something more detailed.

Northern Piper: I’ve read that story, and you’re right; it is excellent.


What more information do you want? I don’t believe there is anything more known. Sort of the definition of the word “mystery”, you see. :wink:

Well, Q.E.D., I would like something that provides more details on the investigations done, any analyses of why Bonaparte’s regime would have or would not have kidnapped Bathurst, rational possibilities for the disappearance; reactions in England (if I had been George III and sane at the time, I would have been royally pissed :D). Thanx for your help. I will have to just keep on looking.