Seeking Lhasa-Cocker Mix Doggie

My sister had a lhasa-cocker (lhasa apso/cocker spaniel mix, I think) that was the greatest dog. He died. She has another dog still (of a different breed), but he’s getting on in years. She knows more about dogs than I do, so I assume she knows something about the mix, and said that if she can get another lhasa-cocker she would love to.

Anybody have any insights into finding such a beast?

You could search the online pound rescue programs. Some sites dedicated to certain breeds also have mixes listed on thir sites.

I will caution her, though, that getting another dog of the exact same breed might not be a great idea. I don’t know your sister, but it sounds like she may be trying to “replace” the dog that died with a carbon copy. That just doesn’t happen. Every dog has a unique personality.

If you search by breed on they will often show dogs that are mixed breeds, so searching under both Cocker Spaniels and Lhasa Apsos might allow you to find another one if there are any currently in the rescues/shelters around you.
I would agree with the caution that every dog is unique, though. Mixed breeds aren’t always consistent in how they express the traits of their parent breeds.
However, I hope you guys can find a dog that she likes. :slight_smile:

My sister did that with a Yorkie and another breed I can’t remember. The best part is, the individual personality eventually takes over. It helps the owner for a while, to get thru their grief, but then the new doggie becomes a loyal friend on it’s own merits. Problem kind of fixes itself.

I meant she did it with two different dogs, not a Yorkie mix. Both the new ones are treasured members of the family.

You want the dog because it’s a great pet, not because of the name, right?

No luck.

What are you talking about?

It sounds like “lotsa cock”. Throw the word doggie in there, and you get a thread title that might cause dirty minds to do a double-take. [sub]Not that I did.[/sub]

Yeah, but I was hoping the question might be a little more elevated than that.

Nope. Sorry. This is more amusing than my aunt’s Lhasa Apso-Poodle mix.

No, “Lhasa Apso-Poodle” definitely doesn’t sound like the name of a dog-friendly gay bar.

Actually, they call it a Lhasa-Poo. Maybe that sounds like a bar, but it’s not one I’d go into! :eek: