Seeking Men in Black, not the movie

I have heard of certain lore concerning mysteious men who drive around in Cadillacs and are usually associated with UFO lore. There was a book I read once written by a budding Einstein linking the Men in Black to Bible prophesy, life after death, and just about everything else. I even saw some Men in Black in an X-files episode, so I know it has to be true. These Cadillacs usually have a control panel inside that glows with a yellow or pink light, they move without anyone actually at the steering wheel, and garage doors open automatically for them as they visit your home. The men visit people and usually say something like ‘Tell anybody about us and we’ll kill you’.

I have done internet searches, but have naturally gotten only the Will Smith movie. While it’s a good movie and may be in part based on the legend, it’s not what I want. There are a lot of questions I would like to see answered:

Are there any women in black? If there aren’t, how do they keep the line going?

What did they drive before Cadillacs were invented?

If all you’re going to do is tell someone not to tell anyone about you, why not just avoid visiting them in the first place and then you won’t have that problem?

As you can surely tell by now, I’m not sold on all this stuff, but I find other’s beliefs in this amusing. Does anybody know of any internet links, library books etc. where I can find more about this before the Government finds out I’m onto them and I meet with a fatal accident?

Well, Jesse Ventura merely played a Man in Black, and now he’s a Governor! Imagine what kind of power the real Men in Black have!

Alex Trebek played one too. Makes you wonder what ranks Ken Jennings holds in their secret order. :cool:

Well, as a man in black (a t-shirt! cough, cough!), there’s nothing that I can tell you.

But you expected that… didn’t you?

chuckster if I tell you then I will have to kill you!

Well, if you visit, go to the section for Blair’s newsletters.

Somewhere in between his telling you all about where he’s been and what he’s been drinking he does claim to have had a couple of encounters with the “men in black” that you are referring to. One of the encounters took place in line at a Burger King.

I guess he’s also a regular visitor to Area 51.

In case I fail in the delivery of my underlying message: If you do visit the site, don’t forget your salt.

do a Net search on three names- Gray Barker, Albert K. Bender, and John Keel - the first witnesses of MIB (Keel was the writer of MOTHMAN PROPHECIES)

I was escorted from a new age/paranormal convention years ago for wearing a poorly-fitting black suit, a nametag that said “Manuel I. Black” and telling people, “I’m with the government and I’m here to help.” Flashing my Air Force ID card didn’t seem to help much. What a bunch of nervous people. :smiley:

Men in Black had been common lore for more than 50 years by the time MiB came out. If you’d like to read a record of some of the earliest recorded accounts of this “occurance” see if you can get your library to get you Passing Strange: True Tales of New England Hauntings and Horrors by Joseph A. Citro. It would figure that some of the earliest “known” stories about Men in Black would be from New England. Guess it goes along with the early UFO stories…