Seeking title of SF short story collection

Having racked my own brain to the point of ouchfulness, I seek the assistance of other science fiction readers. This is a question which has been asked by a potential client, and I would be deeply, absurdly grateful for any assistance or hints that might help me to find an answer. Once something like this starts gnawing at me, I have a hard time letting it go.

Here is description of the thing sought, in the client’s own words:

I am looking for a book that had a collection of science fiction short stories that I read in the late 70s or early 80s. It had all science fiction stories that I believe were all written by the same female author. One of the stories was about an astronaut mission to Mars, one of the astronauts names was Pugh who died on Mars and was infected with something that brought him back to life, but he was more like a zombie. Another short story had something to do with a woman who killed a man and buried him in her yard. The grass above was very green and drove her nuts, sort of a “Tell Tale Heart” story-line. Yet another story-line dealt with druids and the main character being chased. Not a lot to go on, but I’m hoping for some clues.

I think it was James Tiptree, jnr. (aka Alice Sheldon)
If it was a nice hardback, maybe And Her Smoke Rose Up Forever published by Arkham House. I don’t recall the names of any other anthologies…
Not read her for years; brilliant stuff.

Thanks for the suggestion! Tiptree is one of my favorite authors, so she occurred to me, too, but I haven’t yet been able to nail this down. Any further comments would be welcome.

Joan D. Vinge, maybe??

I remember reading a short story collection of hers back in the same time frame, but I can’t remember what it was called, or many of the plots.

I don’t have enough Tiptree to hand to check, I’m afraid.
Another possibility that occured to mewas Pamela Sargent but I don’t know her short fiction - I’m sure there was at least one collection though; I’d guess it came out in the mid - late 80s, though.