Seeking video/movies/reports/must-sees about 9/11

Hi. I’m probably the only person on the planet that hasn’t watched anything on 9/11 since it occurred. I really couldn’t tell you why; at the time it happened, I know I saw the news and all, but I kind of shut it out. Again, no real reason why. It wasn’t personal for me in any way, but it was just too big for me to take in. Or something. I really don’t know. The show Rescue Me is quite honestly all I’ve seen that touches on it at all, and that was very little, really.

Anyway…Now that it’s been over a decade, I’m seeking out articles, movies, videos, what-not. Not conspiracy stuff; I’d rather have stuff that at least presumes to be the truth, even if it’s not thorough. Books, too, if there have been any that seem particularly macro- or micro-scopic.

So if anyone has any recommendations to things online, stored news articles they think are worthy, movies, documentaries, etc. I am starting with Farenheit 9-11 just because it’s on Youtube and easy to get to. :wink: I do and will take everything with a grain of salt; I am good at that. But, for whatever reason, I think it’s time, and I can take it in, now.

So any recommendations or links would be appreciated :slight_smile: Thank you in advance.

One place to start might be this thread, which provides an amazing look at 9/11 unfolding as it happened. I found it to be of great value on that day, and re-read it many times over the following months and years. Eventually I even printed out the entire thread so that I would have a permanent record.

Thank you, that will be very interesting! I keep hoping to find kind of a compendium of news reports from that day, articles later on, indepth stuff. Maybe the History channel has something, hrm…

Michael Moore’s “documentary” about 9-11 is a complete load, and not worth your time. There’s a reason why it’s available for free: You get what you pay for.

The thread that’s linked above offers quite useful insights, OTOH.

The film entitled just 9/11 by the Naudet brothers who were doing a fire fighting documentary the morning of the attacks is definitely something to see.

PBS put out several good Nova episodes about 9/11 too.

Documentary: Collateral Damages

I would second the Naudet brothers film. Because it is not a 9/11 movie, or at least didn’t start out that way. They happened to be doing a documentary on New York firefighters and you get to know the crew in the firehouse. Which makes it all the more heartbreaking to watch.

Thank you for the suggestions and insights. This will take me a bit to get through, but I’ll watch it all, eventually. And hopefully read, too.

Very powerful movie. As far as I know it has the only footage of the first plane hitting the tower.

From a more technical stand point its good to look at the Popular Mechanics 911 myth debunking pages. Even if you are not looking at it from a CT debunking angle it gives a good over view of what happened that day.

I have to ask: I know the power of manipulating data, but is there anything in that film that is an outright lie? The video alone is interesting; kinda hard to fake news reports and White House comments. Also…‘Get what you pay for?’ Everything on 9-11 out there is free, and/or put out with a specific bias. Which is why I want to cover as much as I can.

Team America: World Police. You find out what 9/11 x 100 would be.

The footage of the cruise missile hitting the Pentagon.
I kid, I kid!

I did notice you mentioned movies. For a true story made into a drama I would have to recommend World Trade Center. I cringed when I heard that Oliver Stone was making this movie. But he managed to make it totally apolitical. I cried like a baby. But it was a good movie.

United 93

/takes notes

Thank you.

Tonight, the History Channel (regular and HD) is showing “102 Minutes that Changed America” which is, IIRC, a commentator-free compilation of footage, etc, in real-time from the beginning of the first crash. Much of the footage was completely new to me when I first saw this show - worth your while.

I believe this was on MSNBC last year.

Oh man, I had that on my DVR forever and could never come around to watching it before I deleted it unwatched. Maybe I’ll give it another shot.

Thank you! Will look for that asap. I’d kind of assumed, or hoped, that the major papers would have links to older, more complete articles on this date, but no such luck. I’m just too late to the party, I guess.

At 10 PM CST, The History Channel will be playing “The Man Who Predicted 9/11”, a documentary about one of my personal heroes, Rick Rescorla.

Rick was an Englishman from Cornwall who emigrated to the United States to join the US Army and serve in Vietnam. As chief of security for Morgan Stanley during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, he and his Army buddy Dan Hill evaluated security measures for the building and potential attack vectors. They agreed that the next attack would be via airplane, and tried to get the company to move out of the building. As they would not, he did his best to train all the employees in evacuation.

From the Wikipedia article:

It will be repeated at 2 AM CST. Please consider recording it.

Also, check outthe New Yorker article about his actions.

Yeah, I saw that and have it on record too, thanks! They have a few back-to-back specials; should have known History Channel wouldn’t let me down. :slight_smile: Have the article tagged as well; thank you.