Is this coffin webcam REAL?!

I recently visited which is a live webcam inside a coffin that is taping a woman in her 40’s who passed away from “natural causes” something isn’t right here… they claim its real but there is very loose wording under the disclaimer.

also according to the site this woman was buried close to a year ago. From the common knowledge i learned growing up, hair continues to grow after death. however her eyebrows are perfectly manicured still.

Someone please help clear this up. Is it a hoax? There seems like there are too many loose ends here. there has to be MORE to the story than this. I’d oblige everyone impressing me with their vast knowledge and fill in the holes.


No, it is not a hoax. It is 100% real. It is an honest to goodness joke.

On this point, common knowledge is wrong.

thank-you… I was just about to say that :slight_smile:
why do people believe that?

thank you for clearing that up. I hate being ignorant about these issues. I had learned that from a junior high science teacher. god bless US education.

Can anyone tell more about the site?

Well, the page that supposedly shows the “cam” is merely a .gif which switches between a clear picture and a blurred picture to make it seem as if the cam is updating. What more do you need to know?

Isn’t it obvious that hair and fingernails don’t just grow? Dead cells just don’t form themselves into shafts.

How Stuff Works has a bit about cause for this common misconception:

If she’d really been buried more than a year ago—with a little spotlight turned on her the whole time, to boot—I’d think that the corpse would be in a little worse shape. It should have at LEAST changed color by now.

Cecil’s own words.

After six months (under the best of conditions) there would be discoloration and mold. If the coffin were sealed/airtight, it would be partially liquified.

The site’s a hoax, it’s a “lure” site to do exactly what it’s doing- get people to post the URL and talk about it. There appears to be a gay porn site attached, that’s probably the one they’re trying to get the traffic to.