Seemingly Contradictory Bumper Stickers You've Seen.

I was in traffic one day and I saw the Darwin Fish sticker which appears here:
So far so good until about 6 inches below I see this sticker as well:

Well right after this my head exploded. I guess theoretically someone could believe in evolution enough to have a bumper sticker and still support Bush, as odd as it seems.

So what bumper stickers that are seemingly contradictory have you seen on the same car?

“Theoretically?” I can assure you that those two statements are in no way contradictory, and I personally know plenty of people who hold both views. In fact, I don’t think that anyone I know who voted for Bush would be a non-believer in evolution.

Really. That’s a *huge *leap in logic.

Don’t see any huge contadition at all in those two stickers…you are letting your political prejudice blind you. I wouldn’t have a problem even if it was the DarwinFish and the “Jesus is my Co-pilot” sticker. You’ll have to come up with something better.

What is a huge leap in logic?

Oh come on. There’re no sane reason (emphasis on sane) for a political opinion to influence a scientific idea, but in reality, which often has little to do with sanity, it often does. And beyond that, supporting a president who does not share your scientific ideas whould quaulifiy as something of a contradiction.

Not at all. There isn’t a politician alive whose views I share, yet I still support and vote for some of them. I have a Darwin fish on my truck for years, and I voted Republican most of those years. Not seeing the conflict here at all.

I would certainly consider this contradictory. In my experience, the Darwin Fish is often quite offensive to Christians. I don’t see evolution and Christianity as necessarily diametrically opposed; that is, if I saw a more generic evolution sticker and a random Christian sticker, I would think little of it. Rather, I simply can’t imagine someone who is an evangelical enough Christian to put a “Jesus is my co-pilot” sticker on his car to be completely comfortable with the Darwin Fish. The only thing I would find more bizarre would be a Darwin Fish on the same car as another icthys fish or, even stranger, one of the anti-Darwin Truth fish.

It often does? Not in my experience, with the people I know.

Is George Bush a creationist? I’m not sure if his belief or disbelief in evolution is a known fact. Do you have a cite? And even if he is, why would it be contradictory to vote for a president who does not share your scientific ideas? I don’t think I have ever spent 5 seconds wondering or considering how knowledgeable a presidential candidate is about science. I’d much rather they had a firm grasp of economics, actually. Of course, none of them seem to have that, quality, either.

There was a period in my life when I was going to church as well as experimenting with different non-Christian philosophies. I always wanted to put the following on my bumper:

[Darwin Fish] [Blessed Be (bumper sticker] [Christian Fish]

I did not find the three of these to be contradictory, nor do I today.

That a Bush supporter is necessarily an opponent of the theory of evolution. I see no way to connect it logically at all.

As a Catholic, I don’t find the Darwin Fish to be offensive. In fact, Catholics are supposed to believe in evolution. I believe that the United Methodist Church (of which President Bush is a member) also accepts evolution as a fact.


He’s a crypto-creationist. In other words, asked point-blank if he believed in evolution, he waffled. Mind you, that’s my recollection, and I don’t have a cite handy.

I for one agree with the OP that the two messages are somewhat contradictory. If you’re anti-creationist to the extent of putting a Darwin Fish on your car, you are usually – at best – a reluctant Bush voter. I find this is borne out empirically. When was the last time you saw a car with a Darwin Fish on it that also had a Bush sticker, or any other sticker indicating a conservative mindset? It’s vastly more likely that you’ll see the opposite, in my experience.

My contribution: I once saw a pickup truck that had two stickers. The first said, “Keep honking, I’m reloading,” and the second said WWJD? Bit of a mexed missage there.

Here’s what he said about evolution. Something about ‘the jury’s still out’

For the record I don’t think the bumper sticker is contradictory and most republicans I know do believe in evolution. It would matter to me what the president felt because I don’t agree that intelligent design should be taught in schools. But that’s my own personal opinion.

I think you are completely wrong. You might be able to say that most fundamentalist Christians are Repulicans. You can not say that most Repulicans are Fundamentalists. The numbers don’t add up. You also don’t have to be a Republican to vote for one. There is no contradiction. FTR I am a completely non-religious, conservative, mostly Republican. I wouldn’t have those bumperstickers on my car because I’m not a bumpersticker kind of guy. I think that goes along with being conservative (with a lowercase “c”).

Getting back on topic, I’ve seen single bumper stickers that don’t go with the vehicle they are on. What always gets me are the “Keep Tahoe Blue” stickers affixed to enormous gas-guzzling, pollutant-spewing SUVs.

(For those wondering what the hell that means, Lake Tahoe is one of the crown jewels of the Sierras out here in California. Lake clarity has been going down for decades and pollution from people, including vehicle traffic, gets a lot of the blame. It’s a general call to keep the area beautiful)

During my teenage years I had a bumper sticker that said, “I’d rather be driving.” I thought it was hilarious, but most people didn’t seem to get it.


Got it. Wasn’t sure who you were agreeing/disagreeing with! :slight_smile:

I don’t usually pay too much attention to bumper stickers, and where I live, there are very, very few pro-Bush bumperstickers at all that I have seen, so it would be hard for me to say. BUT I do know a fair number of Republicans, and most of them are not wildly religious (certainly not of a fundamentalist stripe), and are very well educated…even to the PhD level in the sciences. There are many reasons a person might support the Republicans, not the least of which is a hope that they will bring us smaller government and more fiscal responsibility. Not that this has happened lately, but the point is that these are perfectly valid reasons for being a Republican/conservative, that have nothing to do with religion, or evolution, or really any social issues at all.

My point in asking what Bush believes personally about evolution is that I don’t even KNOW what he thinks, nor do I think it is particularly relevant. I wouldn’t want intelligent design taught in my kid’s school, for sure…but the last time I looked, the President wasn’t in charge of curriculum at the schools in my neighborhood.

A great point, Loach. Do people here really think that the 60 million people who voted for Bush are ALL creationists? Think of it in the reverse, should my mind explode if I see a Jesus fish & a John Kerry bumpersticker on the same car? Wouldn’t give it a second thought. A lot of religious people are Democrats.

George Bush doesn’t believe in anything except the power of deception to get people to give him money.

Today I saw one which completely puzzled me. It wasn’t technically a bumper sticker: the words were written with black electrician’s tape across the back of the tailgate of a pickup truck. It read: “I AM A ILLEGLE ALIEN.” {sic}

I’ve wondered about it all morning. Were the spelling/grammar mistakes intentional? What, exactly, does it mean?