Seiko Lable Printer Question

I’ve gotta Seiko Lable Printer 220 with a serial/parallel connection to my computer. I also have a new computer without any serial or parallel connections. I bought a serial to USB cable but the printer still dosen’t work. I’m looking for a new driver at Seiko but so far no good.
Question one: Will the 220 work with an adapter cable and Windows Vista?
Am I shit outta luck? (Those little printers cost around a hundred bucks!)

I have a feeling that Vista doesn’t like legacy (serial & parallel) printers but you should be able to purchase a PCI card with a parallel port for a few bob and try that.

Otherwise, I wonder if you’re expecting Vista to recognise the printer as a USB device? You might be hopeful there: Vista should see the serial port, but you’ll need to manually set the parameters and install the driver. I’m sure Drachillix has more experience with Vista than I do and will be along shortly.


Vista compatibility mode
Having just gotten a Vista notebook and seeing how hermetically sealed the OS is, using an old DOS/Win printer where the drivers want to address hardware directly might be quite difficult