Self-Bonsai-ing Kitten

I was watching one of those home video shows a few days ago and they showed two clips back to back… one was a kitten and an opaque vase. The kitten was playing around with the top, then jumped inside, and only the tail was sticking out. From the outside you would never think that the kitten would fit in such a tiny area… but then the tail disappeared and the head popped out! The cat had turned all the way around in that tiny area! Then he jumped out.

The next clip was similar, but with a clear jar. The kitten looked almost exactly like the kitty in the bonsai kitten site picture. It was really freaky.

this had nothing to do with anything, btw.

I misread the post. I used to have a banzai kitty. She could be as soft as a powder puff when she was in a good mood but turn into piano wire and drywall screws in a blink. I miss the poor departed Murphinator.