Self Esteem

Self-esteem comes first from the judgement of others.

Young children everywhere are conditioned to follow the rules of their society in this way.

“Oh! You drank your milk. You are a good boy!”

“Oh! You picked up your toys. You are a good girl”.

When we internalize these external judgements so that we tell ourselves whether we are “good” or “bad”, we are evaluating our own selves.

Internalized social judgement of self is self esteem.

If you have a self esteem problem, start looking to yourself than rather, others. You’re probably more shallow than you think - or wish to be.

Just a thought.

by self-esteem problem, do you mean overly-high self esteem or overly-low self-esteem? If I have low self esteem, knowing that I’m more shallow than I previously though probably wouldnt help me. Of course, truth should always come before feeling good. One should not accept falsities simply because doing so makes you happy, hopeful, and/or feel good. And yeah, this isn’t a great debate.


That makes no sense.

If I was talking about the music, would you be asking me whether it was loud music or low music…?


I disagree.

You may realize your current “self image” accessments are baseless in accordance to your own personal merit.



And with the correct mentality…

They are one in the same.

Darn, but I wish I had kept those papers around. Oddly enough, self-assessment seems to be in inverse relationship to actual ability for most people…

Who is debating this on the anti?

And how?