Self-Immolation on the National Mall

Man Sets Self On Fire At National Mall reads the headline:

and apparently he’s still alive, or he was when arrived at the hospital

But that’s all I know just in that article there. Is it on the big news channels? Is it on their websites? I really am asking - maybe my search fu is letting me down.

Does anyone know anything more about this?

It probably isn’t getting too much hype has most news sources as a habit do not report suicide or suicide attempts. There are some articles out there - Washington Post would be a good source.

From what I heard on the scanner he was ‘an asian male in his 50’s’ per bystanders. Park Police arrived quickly and had their helicopter land on the Mall to transport him to the hospital. I also remember hearing something about being possibly homeless but I cannot confirm that fact or where I heard it.

I know people hate the source but Drudge Report often has very good links to ongoing news, and I know this story is on there in detail.

Interesting. I would have thought such an unusual act would have received coverage even though it was a suicide attempt. I suppose it’s in the victim’s best interest not to make a big deal out of it, in case he survives.

As for the Drudge links - hook a sister up, please! I didn’t spot anything there but it’s such a hideous website that I assume I’m missing something. The link to the possible new Leonardo is pretty exciting though.

I read about it yesterday on the front page of CNN.

He died this morning.

Plus publicizing suicides tends to encourage copycatting - if not in exact method, at least in increasing the suicide rate temporarily.

Kind of crazy that they don’t know who he is. Self immolation is usually in protest of something. You’d think if you were going to go to such lengths to register your dislike of something, you’d leave a note to make sure people would know who you were and why you burned yourself to death.

Course, I guess the voices in his head might have told him they’d take care of that end of things.

Not always. When I worked in a burn ICU, we had more than one self immolation who had no agenda other than suicide. One even tried to jump out of the rescue helicopter.

Also, my ex-mother in law did it after her husband died. It was before I met the ex, but, it messed him up bad.