Self-Publishing Kindle Store

How much can one realistically expect to make when self-publishing for the first time on the Amazon Kindle eBook store?

Assume minimal promotion - mentions to colleagues, friends - and not much more.

Two opinions, but no solid information:

One: not a whole lot.

Two: it’s a crap-shoot. You might “win the lottery” and “go viral” and, by nothing more than sheer luck, be the book that everyone’s talking about.

More seriously, opinion columns in trade magazines have emphasized the need for active promotion, publicity, and marketing. One successful writer said that he absolutely scours Facebook, shoving his name into every comment field he can find, no matter how relevant (or not!) He also said that when he stopped doing this, his sales plummeted.

Assuming minimal promotion? Realistically, nothing.

Selling books takes work, there are no shortcuts.

How often do you pay money for something you’ve never heard of, has no reputation, has never been recommended to you, and has never been reviewed? Not just books, any product. If you are like most people, the answer is “almost never.”