Selling '39 Ford coupe

I am moving on and selling this Ford, it has been five years since Carl passed. Unfortunately I have not had the heart to fire it up every so often as recommended, or make a decision on it before, so it has just sat in the garage for five years now.

Where could I find ball-park prices, what they are going for? It’s pretty much original and was in running condition, as well as really nice looking, although not Concours d’Elegance. Juice brakes.

A mechanic will look at it on Monday. What should I know about it when he does?

He says he would be interested in buying it, which has positives and negatives, ie he is not just a mechanic in that case, he is an interested party.

If I wanted to get competing bids, where on the Internet would I post it? E-Bay or somewhere else? Ford fan publications? (It is located in San Jose, CA.)

And 4), I’m off to get a 6-volt battery, then will try to inflate the tires. Any dumb mistakes I should not do today?

Thanks in advance!

For prices, try Trader Online’s Collecor Car Trader.

A search at the link above for 1939-'40 Fords turned up 7 pages. On the first page prices ranged from $3,800 for a “restorable” car to $60K for a cherry woody wagon.

It’s worth less if it’s original than if it’s been rebuilt. Screwy, I know, but that’s the norm. Wish I lived down that way, cuz I’m salivating.

MaryEFoo, I live in San Jose. Let me know and we can meet to examine the vehicle. I can help you take some pictures for an advertisement. Do not accept your mechanic’s offer without circulating a picture ad first. Email me to make arrangements.

Do not sell this car until you have checked out some sites. People will kill for a car that has a six volt system. Search Collector Cars. It is not a 40 coupe, but it is worth some cash. Pay the mechanic to get it running, do not sell it to him. Put it on E-BAY, do not be shy about price, especially if not restored.