Selling a 1967 Corvette: best place to post or sell?

I need to sell a 1967 Corvette. It runs and is in fair condition, but it still needs quite a bit of TLC and work to restore it. In other words this is not an auction or show condition car but certainly has significant potential.

I’ve heard people who say that Craigslist is a good place to sell and to stay away from consignment places; then I’ve also heard to stay away from Craigslist because it’s a rip off, and to use a consignment place. What about EBay or any other place?


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

If you’re a little savvy, craigslist isn’t too bad. You’ll probably get some scam replies and some low-ballers and tire kickers, but it’s definitely the best way to reach local people who will be interested.

For this car, though, your best bet is probably Hemmings, which is the best way to reach people more interested in classic cars. With this car, I’m sure lots of people would be willing to come out and pick it up with a trailer.

Check out
This is what they do.

What color is it?

What engine/tranny package does it have? How well does it run? Would you “drive it to California tomorrow” if you wanted to?

Is the frame straight? Rusty?

What city is it in?

How much do you want for it?

I sold three vehicles on Craigslist. The main thing is: deal in cash and in person. Do not allow someone to leave with your car on a test drive unless you have a copy of their drivers’ license or are in the car with them.

Modified? Matching numbers?

If you use craigsist, buy a disposable phone from walmart and use that number. I sold a junk car on craigslist a few years back and it went quick- I took the ad down after 15 minutes -but I continued getting calls at all hours of the day and night for about 2 weeks. Some tire kickers but a lot of Spanish language robocalls.

Try a Corvette forum.

For an item like this, I would avoid Craiglist like the clap. You’ll get more flakes than Kelloggs.

I kinda like the “Deals on Wheels” photo ad magazines (or whatever you have in your area). eBay is kinda cool, because you might get more than you think, but has numerous drawbacks as well.

Good luck!