Selling art on consignment (Game Store Continued)

Hey kids.

So I’ll be selling art and costumes and jewelry and such in my new Game/Comic/Art/Nerdery store. Some wish to do so on consignment.

I’m thinking 50% consignment based on what I’ve read online. But if there’s anyone here who’s done so, I’d be happy to hear your opinions.

Anyone sold on consignment? What’s it like?

IME a gallery will typically take 50% – they are dedicating a space and environment designed to exhibit and sell artwork, which actively promotes the artist.

Consignment (like art hanging in a tattoo parlor) is much more passive as all the shop owner provides is wall space while benefitting from the ambience provided by unique pieces. Commission in those situations is closer to 30% to the shop owner. If you really like the artist you’re pedaling you could buy a bunch of their stuff and mark it up better than that, but if you’re high out of the gate you may find the better artists are unwilling to sell through you.

Will the art, jewelry etc. be fannish in nature?

Yes, absolutely. All high fantasy or science fiction stuff. I’ve told the artists that’s what I want and they’ve promised to deliver.

If you are just letting it sell itself off in a corner of the building, then 25 to 30 percent might be appropriate. Display cards mentioning works that might tie in with your merchandise(maybe a mention of superhero art available in the comic section, or high fantasy artwork getting a mention in the gaming section), a link on the website showing a few current pieces available-this might be worth and additional 5 to 10 percent.
Another question: Will all this art be non-official in nature(as opposed to stuff officially commissioned by various comic or gaming companies)?

BTW, if my info turns out to be a bit dated it is because it comes from chats with my then-comic crack dealer at Pegasus Books back in the 90’s, Mike Richardson of Dark Horse.

No worries.

I’m looking for no violation of copyright or trademark pieces. So think IP owned by local creators and other such things. Wall art, jewelry and so forth.

50% is so standard that if you decide to give someone a break and ask for 30%, they’ll notice. And either be appreciative or think you’re a noob.

I’d do 50% but if you want to give a friend a break, make them a private deal.

OK, let me bump this as we’re getting closer to open and I started negotiating things with artists this weekend. One has pushed back on 50% but no one else has.

Anyone have any further advice/opinion/info?

In the consignment contract, who bears the loss if an unsold item goes missing or destroyed/damaged? Might not be negotiable, but it’s worth finding out this detail.

Right. Your insurance company usually asks if you have non-owned inventory. You need to tell them, and check your policy to see if it’s covered.