Selling copper

Our existing gutters are copper. We have probably 50-60 linear feet of gutters.

We have to update the gutters anyway and we know copper is pretty valuable (my fiance works in TV and tells me about people stealing wires for the copper).

How do you go about selling copper? How much is it worth?

We’re going to do the labor ourselves. Is there a pretty good chance that we will be able to pay for the new gutters by selling the old ones?

Local scrapyard/metal recycling facility. Expect to be asked for ID.

Copper Scrap Page. I have no idea how accurate this is.

Google search:scrap copper prices.

Hmm. Gonna have to find a scrapyard then.

I did find those pages. Unfortunately, I haven’t the slightest clue what it means.

Well, “bare bright” would be untarnished copper with insulation, fixtures, etc. removed. The other terms are no doubt dealers’ jargon for ways in which scrap is commonly found. (I’m going to hazard a WAG that “Candy” is the bright-colored plastic insulated wire, by way of example.)

Obviously copper that doesn’t have to have things removed from it before being reused is going to be worth more, from avoided labor costs.

The strange words are from the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. Their code for nonferrous scrap metal comprises words which are assigned sort of alphabetically by content and quality. Candy, for instance, is No.1 HEAVY COPPER:

Your gutters are mostly likely “Dream”:

The ISRI code is here in PDF: - This website is for sale! - nscrap Resources and Information.

ETA: BTW, that first link is to an outdated sample listing.

Depending on the condition of the gutters, you could get a whole lot more selling them instead of scrapping them. I recently visited a seller of used building materials and he was selling used copper gutter material at $4 a foot. Much of what he had had turned green and some had even been painted.

Have you looked into contacting a deconstruction outfit to see if they’d be interested in buying them? If they’re salvageable at all, they’re probably worth more than just the price of the copper.

Wow. Thanks you guys.
They are most definitely green. They’ve been rained and snowed on for longer than I’ve been alive.

Other than that, I don’t know their condition.
I think the carpet in the bathroom, tiles falling off shower walls, and electrical sockets that turn plugs burning hot are more important than the gutters so we’ll get to that when we can. Sounds like it will be more interesting than the rest of the stuff we have to do though.