Selling gold in Japan?

Taking a trip to Japan, and it just hurts to change dollars into yen at 76/$. However, have some gold coins (Maple Leafs, Eagles, Kugerrands) that I bought back around $400/oz to diversify my survivalist portfolio. Gold is down a bit from the peak, but still way up since I bought it, so it doesn’t feel like I would be taking a loss to sell, unlike buying yen at the current rate. Purely an emotional thing.

I know that in the US, I could take it down to a coin shop and get a few percent under SPOT. Is it the same in Japan? Perhaps one of our J-dopers has some knowledge in this area? Just asking for opinions, hence IMHO.

In Japan, Friday is called 金曜日, or ‘Gold Day.’

Sadly that is the extent of my knowledge regarding this matter.