SELMA, Big Apple

Hello, I have two questions?

I have a question regarding SELMA from the science fiction channel’s series
Time Trax. I am wondering how SELMA works and why she did the things she did? It seems as though we may have something like that in the near future with the
reality of smartcards?

Why is New York City named the Big Apple?

Because all of the other good fruits were taken. So it was either that or the The Big Cantellope.


re: The Big Apple,

This was one of the first topics that came up on this board.

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Or you can cut to the chase and get the dope straight from Cecil:

I haven’t a clue who SELMA is or why she do the thing she do.

I watched that show when it was on network TV and, IIRC, SELMA is a futuristic (AI?) computer that is the size of a credit card.