Semen VS Electricity

I was wondering if semen (male body fluid) could carry and electrical current, if so is it enough to cause a fatality?

This post has been grassed by the landscaper. Semen will carry an electrical current. It is mostly water after all, and water carriers a current quite well. What conditions do you refer to when you ask about a shock from electrified semen? Are you talking about a wire connected to a dangling bit of it or a lightning strike next to someone swimming in a pool of it?

As opposed to female semen?

Personally, I wonder what kind of voltages your sperm could survive. If it’s a relatively mild one, it could revolutionize male contraception!

Actually, pure water is a fairly poor carrier of current.

Semen will do a wonderful job carrying current, because it’s chock full of electrolytes.

So be careful with that thing.

I was just wondering is semen could carry a fatal current.

I was wondering the exact same thing but didnt wanna overdo it with questions, but then again how can i battle ignorance if i dont ?

Forgive me, but I simply must ask: Why? I’ve seen questions about pissing on the third rail here, but never one quite like this!

Then again we’ve had semen trees, fried semen, and semen fish food, so I guess I should have seen this…coming!

I tend to ask the question “what if” in my mind about different things all day long. The doctors tell me I have ADD so I guess that could explain it a bit.

Don’t worry about it. Most of the people in this forum spend way more time than average thinking about bodily fluids placed under interesting conditions. The fact that you came up with a question in this category that we haven’t heard before testifies to your ninja-like accumen in the semen question game.

I think it’s safe to say that if you’ve got enough electricity and enough semen together in one place, you’re gonna get a deadly jolt through it. I’m not sure, though, if the average single ejaculate has enough fluid in it to provide a stable conduit for a lethal current to flow (assuming it’s not aimed directly across your heart or something even more improbable like that). The heat generated is going to curdle and then maybe burn the hell out of the polysaccharides and proteins in the semen, and might vaporize the water. Probably you’d get a nasty shock, but could one cumshot carry the juice needed to kill a man? I honestly don’t know.

Words to live by. :smiley:

That’s one I want on my resumé.

You know, this is something they just don’t cover in electrical engineering school.

Electricity generally kills you in one of two ways. First, it can cook you to death. This takes a fair amount of current, and I think a semen stream (there’s a phrase I never thought I’d use in a post) would burn to a crisp before it carried enough current to cook other vital areas of the body. So, I think we can rule out death by cooking.

The second way that electricity kills you is that it throws your heart out of rhythm. This can be done with a surprisingly small amount of current, but the current has to hit your heart at just the right moment during its beat. If you get it just right, the heart will get knocked out of whack, and generally won’t recover on its own. If someone is there next to you with a portable defib unit you’ve got a chance, otherwise you’re in a world of trouble. Heart attack victims stay concious for a good ten seconds or so (or so I’ve read), so this would not be a pleasant way to go by any stretch of the imagination.

The tricky part of #2 is that you have to get the current to go across the heart. Ideally there would be another electrode on your head, but I suppose if the other conductor was in your hand that might work too. Not in your legs, though. You’ve got to get the current to go through your chest. I’ve never measured the conductivity of semen before, and I’m not going to now either. Some of the folks here are willing to pan fry and do other things, but I draw the line a lot sooner than they do. But, considering how little current it takes to interrupt your heartbeat, I would say that this method is at least possible, though not likely to be fatal.

Do NOT jerk off into an empty light socket. Trust me on this! (It’s happened to me TWICE!!) :smiley:

You too, huh?

Honey! Honey! wonderful news!
Wait a minute, I don’t even need a ruse like that… :smiley:

The OP made me think “Lamp Socket Tragedy” too. Remember kids, just 'cause the end of your tallywhacker fits an Edison socket doesn’t mean it should go there.

Obviously, hackwood has a malfunctioning battery-powered Love Doll.

Don’t sweat it. A few dry cells can’t kill anybody.

I leave the smutty remarks regarding car batteries and “hard cranking amps” to the hoi polloi, for I am one of Nature’s Noblemen, & entirely above that sort of thing.

Unlike some.

For what it’s worth, Mythbusters tried to replicate the “electrocution by peeing on the third rail” scenario with no luck. And the volume of urine produced is much greater than semen. So unless you are * mightily * turned on by tesla coils or Van De Graaf generators, I think you’re safe.

Perhaps Hackwood was thinking of this as a potential weapon?

I’m reminded of an odd story that appeared in Analog a couple or three decades back: A professional assassin has surgery to remove or relocate a few internal organs and has laser-generating electronics placed in his lower abdomen…with the output lens located in his tallywhacker [Love that word, Padeye]. At a top-level conference of national leaders, he excuses himself to the adjoining restroom, takes off his pants, and steps back into the conference room with his hand aiming the…output tube. His immortal words: “Nobody move! This is a weapon!”

They don’t write stories like that anymore. :slight_smile:

And here I was thinking that the OP had been “enjoying himself” near a tank of electric eels…