Semi-recent video game recommendations

Got some bad news recently, kinda depressed and there’s nothing constructive I can do about my situation till Monday morining. Rather then sit around and mope all weekend, I’m thinking I’ll get a video game (PC) to take my mind off things. I haven’t played one in a long time, and don’t really know what recently released games are considered good. Half Life 2 seems like a possiblility since I enjoyed the first one.

Any suggestions. My computer has an AMD 3000, gig of RAM and and ATI X800 video card.

I don’t know about the computer requirements, but how about Star Wars: Battlefront II. It’s a fun game and the missions are somewhat challenging depending on how awesome you are. It’s a little dated, but not too much.

Brendon Small

Oblivion is good, if you like open ended RPG type games. Quite immersive you could say.

Half Life 2 is good although I found some sections to be a bit long (I kind of got sick of driving the little boat thing around, and jumping from rock to rock trying to avoid the sand creatures.)

I thoroughly enjoyed playing Call of Duty 2, number 3 is out now but I haven’t played it. I also enjoyed Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, but I’ve read that Rainbow 6 Las Vegas is very good.

Thanks, I forgot this came out. I really liked Morrowind, so I took your advice.

Thanks for the advice.

x-men legends 2

You might find Obliviowiki of use if you find yourself stuck or in need of advice. :slight_smile:

It’s not 100% game but Microsoft Flight Simulator X is impressive from a scope and technological standpoint. There aren’t many existing computers that can run it in its full glory but the graphics are cutting edge. It also has lots of interesting challenges to fly to give it more of a game feel. I mention it just in case someone reading really likes aviation. If you don’t, it would probably be too complex and daunting.

Well, I’ve been loving the hell out of DEFCON lately. Simple, yet intricate gameplay, perfect atmosphere, and you gain points by quietly racking up megadeaths.

“Lo, I am become death, shatterer of worlds—burn, baby…burn.

Neverwinter Nights 2 is also good, by the way.

You’re welcome.

I’ve been playing that again too lately. When I first got it, I tried to organize some SDMB games. Not a ton of interest, although we did get a few 3-4 player games going with the SDMB crowd, and it was fun. Maybe I should try again.