Semi-Swanky TV purchase arriving today.

I’m so looking forward to my new TV, bought from Amazon.


Fed Ex brings it today!

Awesome fer sher. Reminds me a bunch of some mid 70’s jobbies.

So which “cool retro” color did you get?

That’s pretty neato! You’ll have to let us know if it works well. Seiki is not a brand I’m familiar with.

That’s pretty groovy! Maybe one of the most attractive TVs I can remember seeing, with the possible exception of the “alien” one that RCA was making back in the 90s. :slight_smile:

Does it have that knob that lets you make the colors go all strange? :slight_smile:

You’re paying almost $500 for a 22" LCD TV? Seems a tad overpriced, but whatever.

Cool TV but I didn’t see a weight listed. I hope they put some lead blocks in it to make it realistically heavy.

i got mine for $150.
Last in stock at that price!

Works great!
and the sound from the built in speakers is terrific!
Better than the external speakers I was using!

That was the LSD, Sunspace.

Actually, from my memories of electronics school, I’m pretty sure it was the NTSC chroma phase shift, but whatever…

You’ll need a bean bag chair to sit in while you watch.


I ordered a Casio Privia keyboard + stand with the Christmas money my parents sent me. It’s arriving today. I’m SO excited!

Whenever someone says retro TV I think of the huge extra solid oak monstrosities from back when.

That does look pretty slick though. Get in some George Jetson type furnishings for the room and you’ll be complete. And maybe a rooomba with a maid-ish outfit.

What will you watch on a 22" TV?? Sounds painful, but definitely cool from a nostalgia perspective.

Meh, the only kind of “retro” TV I’d really care about is one with an actual HD CRT used. An LED lit LCD in a tube styled casing? That’s like the worst of both worlds.

But if you like it, great, hope you enjoy it for many years, I just wouldn’t care for it.