Seminal threads on the SDMB

Is there a thread anywhere that lists threads where things that we take for granted were first used? I remember seeing a couple of “watershed” threads, but I think it’d be cool to have a thread (even a sticky!) listing the first usage of:

  1. The awful “Hi Opal” thing
  2. Og smash
  3. Gotcha ya
  4. Asshat/Assclown
  5. Any other defining SMDB “memes”
  1. Gotcha ya: I Am Going To Blow People Mind’s At My Funeral

The origin of Og.

A typographical slip, a few Dopers picking up on it, and Og is born.

“Hi Opal” dates back to the days of the old AOL board. I don’t know if any of that still exists on the Net for a link to be possible.

Here’s one of the many, many threads spawned to answer questions about one of the SDMB’s longest running in-jokes.

wasn’t there a religion created here where we worship a pink unicorn? i seem to remember something of a pink unicorn.:confused:

I’ve seen the invisible pink unicorn all over the 'net. I’m not sure, but I don’t think that it did originate here.

I think the pink unicorn thing is a classic example used in the “existence of God” debate throughout philosophy - something like, “I don’t believe in God for the same reason I don’t believe there’s a pink unicorn in the room with me.” I believe it’s gained notoriety on the SDMB for its frequent use in Great Debates.

Watershed Moments in SDMB history, or The SDMB Anthology Project

Ask, and ye shall receive.

Ah, Troy McClure SF – you are terrific! I was looking for that thread yesterday. Brilliant!

Don’t you mean, that you haven’t seen Her all over the 'net? She is invisible, after all :D.

But if you really want, here’s a seminal thread


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