Sen. Robert Byrd to atheists: Leave the country.

If anybody’s got a direct quote, I’d just love to hear it.

Remind me to clip this for the next time somebody tries to argue that there’s a substantive difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Dem godless a-tee-istz! Dey be destoyin’ dis ‘ere countrah o’ ars dat is so dam great! PRAISE THE LORD!

I’d love to leave, unfortunately I don’t possess the funds to move to any of the places I’d like to live.

Perhaps the good Senator would like to send me a quarter million or so…?

Sen. Byrd is still alive? I thought they were just wheeling some Madame Tussaud’s wax replica of him in every day. Propping it up next to Helms and Thurmond.

Eh, any time Byrd feels he’s ready to make me leave, he’s welcome to try.

Hmm. Mods, would you object terribly if this thread turned to discussion of convienent and safe methods of political assassination?

Hey, now, let’s be nice to the poor Senator. He’s obviously suffering from Acute Ignorance. Let us band together in true Atheistic Love and send him some of Darwin’s books.

I saw that!
Its nice how some politicians can speak their mind, such as it is…

I seriously doubt he said that. Byrd is as liberal as they come. I know because I live in his state and we just can’t get rid of the old fart.

Interesting insight from a former member of the Ku Klux Klan. Who’s un-American again?


and another cite.

Hell, I can cite all day, just do a Google search for “Robert Byrd Klan.”


No doubt he thought in his head “and take them niggers with you!”

Next, we will see a $300 million appropriation from Congress for the “Center for the Study of How To Re-Insert God Into The Pledge of Allegiance”. Which will just happen to be located in Nitro, West Virginia.

Huh, I read hajario’s cites, and you all must have a different definition of the word “liberal” in West Virginia than the one we use in the rest of the United States.

Yet another rich liberal Democrat practicing tolerance. Way to go Senator! You’re a credit to your party.

I wrote the Senator this morning with my thoughts on this…

Senator Byrd, I am an atheist. I also am a veteran, a civil servant and a registered Democrat. I noticed in your reaction to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision to call the amended pledge of allegiance unconstitutional, that, and I’m paraphrasing here, all atheists should leave the country. Any suggestions as to where we should go? I’ve served in Korea, the Philippines, Japan, Italy, and finally here in Colorado. All told, seven assignments in ten years in the Air Force. I’ve decided to make my home here in Colorado Springs, despite the rabid right wing born again christians who live here, because it is the most beautiful place I have ever been. Don’t get me wrong, I’m willing to move again, though I am going to need some kind of monetary grant, but I’m sure that for removing all voices of dissent against the anthropomorphic personification you and your ilk talk to every day, $250,000 each would be a small price to pay. To be perfectly frank, I’d really rather not live in a place where patriotism is defined by blind obedience, and in order to be a so-called “Good” person, I need to get into lock step with the Jerry Falwells, and the Pat Robertsons, who so loudly proclaimed that the Left was responsible for the tragedies in Washington and New York. Not to mention Gays, Abortion Providers, and smut peddlers in Hollywood. Dissent is what made us the U.S. Without questions to authority we have a totalitarian state. And no matter how well intentioned you are, you still end up a despot. You should get down on your knees every day and thank your lord that we exist, because without us, you become the Taliban.
Awaiting your check, bags packed.

Yancey Anderson

Haven’t heard back yet.

I’m seriously considering permanently vamoosing the Democratic Party because of Byrd’s boneheaded remark.

Plenty of room in the GOP for you, my friend. I’ll see you at the next RNC meeting, I trust? :wink:

Bah, we need to get rid of the Religious Right in the GOP. Hey, Rjung, wanna join us in doing that?

Time to start our own party - how about the Quixote Party? Tilting at windmills since 2002…

Now see, rjung, I left the Democratic party after the DOMA. The hyperbolic statements of an idiot don’t compare to passing laws designed to beat down a minority before they even got their rights.
Not that Byrd isn’t a jackass, just that the Democratic party has had worse…

[sub]I’m currently registered as a Libertarian, which effectively keeps me from voting in any primaries in my state…[/sub]

Yancey, your letter was great! Throw my name onto it. In fact, get a petition going because someone has to let these maniacs know that we’re on to them and we’re not sitting still for it! I am truly freaked out by the thick-headedness and the blatant REFUSAL TO SEE that this obviously unconstitutional. And now the guy that wrote the decision is backing down. It is a dark day in America. We need a revolution.