Senator Invokes Godwin!

Do we get to call Godwin on non-internet debates? Because, if so, anti-global warming idiots in general, and one US Senator in particular have Godwinised themselves into ridicule, IMO. Fucking idiot (and he’s the head of your Senate Environment and Public Works Committee - WTF?)

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Man. Oklahoma is just embarrassing.

For those too lazy to take the link, Inhofe says that the scientists who keep saying global warming is real are like the Nazis with their “Big Lie” technique. I personally wonder how he knows so much about how to use this technique.

I would say it’s more important to invoke in a Senate debate than it is online. Besides, once in a while a poster on this board will make a legit comparison involving the Nazis. When was the last time a Senator did that?

What’s fucking shamefull is that this man is the Chairman of the Senate Environment committee. The fact of global warming is no more doubted by mainstream science than the theory of gravity.

What the fuck is this country coming to?

I believe it’s going down the tubes :stuck_out_tongue:

1946? I’m just guessing.

Blalron: …this man is the Chairman of the Senate Environment committee…

It’s been a long time since high school civics. How are people appointed to committes? How do they become chairs? This is outrageous! I’m writing my senator (R. - TN) and requesting that he perform brain surgery to check for signs of one.

How can we educate children when the senators themselves are so willfully ignorant?

This senator is something else. I went to the website for the committee he chairs and clicked on the link for a hearing on July 13, 2006 on the EPA’s Proposed Revisions to the Particulate Matter Air Quality Standards. (The hearing was to be about climate control also.)

His statement indicates that his concern is economic impact and very little else. He apparently believes that higher clean air standards has a negative effect on the economy.

I found this bit of his “wisdom” there:

After I copied that, I wasn’t allowed into any of the other hearings and when I backed out of his statement, I wasn’t allowed back into it either.

And my computer is ticking…