Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison gets my vote when election time rolls around...

I recently found out about SB-2099, “The Handgun Safety and Registration Act of 2000” and it pissed me the fuck off like most BS gun legislation attempts do. Instead of quietly stewing, I decided to contact my representatives and formalize my complaint about this bill. I sent the following email to both Senator Phil Gramm(R) and to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison(R). I sent the email on Friday and Senator Hutchison replied within 8 hours. Based on her reply, she is definitely getting my vote when the time comes.

Her Reply:

If you want to read about the crap bill, the full text of the proposed amendment is on the U.S. Senate homepage.

You can find the bill by doing a search by the bill number. (SB-2099)
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Skyslash, Why MPSIMS? your post serves no purpose but to push your pro-gun beliefs.
IMHO if anything.

This isnt an attack on you. Just thought I’d respond.
Also, whe dident you e-mail a democrat representative?

My post record will show I’ve never ventured out of this forum…cept for maybe a toss or two in the pit.

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While waiting for this to be moved, I’ll go ahead and throw in my 2 cents. While I can’t stand Gramm(for reasons that shouldn’t be said here) Hutchison has had my support for a long time. I’ve contacted her office many times and have always received a prompt response. Yeah, the responses are typically canned, but they’re concise and after viewing her voting record, I’ve never known her to stray from her public beliefs. FWIW, there’s 2 of us voting for her.

TwistofFate: All of Texas’s Democratic Reps have in the past voted for handgun legislation. I can’t speak for SkySlash, but I consider e-mailing them with my pro-gun views and asking them to see things my way as a futile waste of my time and their’s.

Move this thread? Where? There’s no debate, Sky’s not asking for your opinion of Kay, or her voting record, it’s certainly not Pit worthy, nor is there a Question to be answered. He’s merely sharing his response from one of his elected officials. Now, if someone wants to phrase a question or debate from this, I’d be happy to send it where it then belongs. Until then it stays here cuz there ain’t nowhere else to put it.

Have any elephants in Texas ever voted for gun control? Surely I doubt any have.

OK, it’s a debate. Kay Bailey Hutchinson sucks horse turds, and her opposition to completely reasonable handgun registration legislation is just one small example of that.

Oops, sorry. This makes it Pit-worthy.

No, seriously, Unc, MPSIMS is where I go to get away from this sort of horseshit. Move this fucker, willya? Thanks, guy! :wink:

No. Exactly why so many of them are still in office.

That’s what I figured. So, why make a big deal about one not supporting more legislation?

This thread really is pointless, I suppose. So, don’t move it, UncaBeer.

Dont move it. I suppose this is the right forum.

Looking back, I suppose that the point I was trying to make is that getting a negative response to a gun control bill from a texas republican is as expected as the Buffalo Bills losing the Superbowl.

I’ve always liked Kay Baily Hutchison. ::sigh:: ~I miss living in Texas~

As for moving this thread… where to? I don’t see a Mundane Pointless Political Stuff I Must Share forum.

Yeah - all that and she’s a babe too!