Senator Larry Craig: how long before he's history?

So how long before Sen. Larry Craig resigns from the Senate so he can devote more time to his restroom recreational activities? I give him no more than eight days with a very good possibility he’ll be gone before Labor Day weekend passes.

It appears that the Republican party has decided to cut its losses on Craig. They’ve probably figured Idaho is a safe state and they can elect a new Republican Senator there and Craig’s not worth the trouble he’d cause the party on a national level.

I’m guessing the GOP leadership will armtwist him into announcing his resignation during the weekend so as to minimize the final burst of embarrassing publicity.

There’s a chance he’ll just be too stubborn to cooperate, though.

CNN is reporting that Craig will resign today. My guess is it’ll be announced sometime after maybe 2 p.m. Eastern time to take advantage of the Friday Funeral.


I’m just waiting for the music video guest-starring Mark Foley and George Michael…

Yup, they’re probably trying to tell him if he resigns today, then there’s a good chance the news this weekend will focus on Katrina 2 years later or the 10 years after Princess Di’s death. If he stays, he’ll be the focus of the news over a 3 day weekend.

I’m going to take a different view and say that he’s going to stay on. He seems just the stubborn enough cuss to fight, and I haven’t seen much of a backlash against him reported from Idaho.

Fox says the RNC is pressuring him to resign.

Craig got 65% of the vote in 2002. So, if 55% of the current registered voters there think he needs to go, I’d consider that significant.

Really? If I were him I’d look at it and say, “All of this and I’ve only lost 15% of my base? I’m staying!”

It’d be 20 , not 15 (he got 65 percent of the vote and now 45 people don’t want him to quit), but the survey doesn’t say how many people might not want him to resign now, but won’t bother to vote for him next year. It won’t be Idaho poll numbers that make him leave, it’ll be his future in the Senate. Republicans won’t give him any committee assignments, and then (if he doesn’t get the hint), people will say ‘with no committee assignments, you can’t serve Idaho effectively.’ That kind of thing.

Oh yeah, I got that backwards.

Fox now says Craig will resign tomorrow.

Craig to announce ‘future plans’ tomorrow. AP is reporting that tomorrow, Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) will announce whether or not he intends to resign. “Idaho Gov. C.L. ‘Butch’ Otter already appears to have settled on a successor - Lt. Gov. Jim Risch, according to several Republicans familiar with internal deliberations.”

And yet David Vitter somehow manages to still serve in the Senate. Disgraceful.


NPR visited a gay bar in Boise? and interviewed the mistress of ceremonies, who admitted she OF COURSE had used this wonderful material plopped in her lap, but grew wistful talking about the hell Craig must’ve gone though his whole life. The reporter remarked on the irony that, in all the state, this was one of the few places Craig would find sympathy.

I’m told a good Christian loves the sinner while hating the sin. I don’t see lots of love for him coming from anyone, particularly those who were his BFFs just last week.

Announced resignation earlier today, effective September 30.

“Butch”? What’s her first name?

Not “Butch” Beaver, “Butch” Otter. :slight_smile: