Senator Reid a dog-kicker?

I missed this, I guess… strange news story when it came out in June.

What bizarre actions on the part of the Senator. Has anyone heard any more about this? I’ve searched and come up with nothing. Has Sen. Reid offered an explanation for his behavior?

Who in their right mind would kick a dog which belonged to a stranger ??

I’m confused.

Definately a parody/satirical site.

Here a bit from another story that, heh, links climate change with global warming…

*“Our grant was for the study of radical temperature change on laboratory rodents. We had hoped, on a genetic level, to find a way to increase their tolerance for freezing cold in order to help astronauts and future moon settlers cope with the rigors of space.”

“What we were doing, was dipping live mice into liquid nitrogen all day.” Dr. Carmichael spoke up. “We weren’t making much progress. The numbers were pretty consistent.”*

Perhaps the About Us section of your source points to a possible answer… :smiley:



Thanks, An Arky. I guess I needed a good whoosh today.

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