"Send us your murderers" or "come laugh at Canada"

this is why. We make me sick.

(oh yeah, this is about those two buttfucks who murdered a family and Washington and fled up to Canada, correctly assuming they could avoid facing the worst penalty for their crimes)

Well why the hell not let them in? Seems to me they haven’t actually been found guilty of the murders and besides, they didn’t actually kill anybody IN Canada. Perhaps they like Canadians and plan to be very nice to all of us. And anyway, I’m sure they are very very sorry for what they did and there is probably a very good explanation for it. :rolleyes:

…oy Canada! :frowning:

I read about this last night, and thought “Good for Canada.”

Our late, lamented friend peace brought up a point a few months ago that a woman lied about fleeing FGM when trying to get into the US. The fear that she would face a punishment unconsionable in the US back home is usually enough to let someone stay in the US.

I suppose it’s the same thing in Canada. I know that this is going to denegrate into a GD about capital punishment, but the fact remains that of the “civilised” world (and I use that term very loosely), most nations frown upon the US for executing criminals.

The EU, as a whole, condems the use of capital punishment in the US and in other nations such as Iraq and China.

So, good on Canada for standing up for human rights.

Yes, how terrible that the government is upholding the human rights it supposedly believes in.

Lets say for example the State requesting extadition(sp?) refuses to give assurances that it will not seek the DP. There is a case like that, I beleive, going on between France and Pennsylvania. Penn won’t back off the DP and France refuses to turn the guy over.

If that happens, will Canada incarcerate said fugitive from justice, or will fugitive live free in the Great White North?

[sub]hmmmm, I wonder how long it’s been since I said that? Maybe I need to watch South Park again?[/sub]

Forgive me if that’s answered in the link. I can’t reach that page for some reason.

And where was all this human rights rhetoric when the Canadian military was shooting Somalis in the back?

[But seriously] Were any of those soldiers involved in killing and torture of Somalis punished any further than being tossed out of the armed forces. Wasn’t the commanding officer simply reprimended and knocked down in rank?

PA vs. FR - I imagine you thinking of the Ira Einhorn case:


The actual murder was in 1977, the extradition fight has been going on for years. It was a particularly sordid, high profile murder.

In answer to your last question, this is why Canada has been known to back off this policy in the past. They refused to extradite Charles Ng to face the death penalty while they had him locked up on lesser charges (burglary, IIRC). When they realized that he was reaching the end of his Canadian sentence, he got extradited. Somebody didn’t want THAT guy walking around loose in Canada.

Quick: Following Canadian politics more closely than most, I’m sure I could come up with any number of injustices in our justice system. That would have no bearing on whether or not the present case has been dealt with justly, nor on the ethical laudability of same.

All I can say is that I’ve always wanted to see Canada. Now, if I ever kill somebody and am found out, I’ll just have added incentive to go! :smiley:

No-one is arguing that Canada is acting injustly or inconsistantly in cases of extradition of hard core criminals. I am merely suggesting that Canada seems to have earned a reputation that they are soft on hard core criminals when compared to our neighbours to the south.

Well, not to turn this into GD on capital punishment, but for the record, I’m all for it in certain cases.

It’s not like we’re going to send them to China for torture or anything. They just want to send them back to the US to be humanely disposed of, which is only fitting. If I had my way, they’d be disposed of in the manner in which they commited their crime.

My main grief though, is with Anne Mclellan and our PM spewing bullshit about human rights abroad when the fact is that the situation here at home is pretty bleak. They may not seem like glaring abuses such as we see in other parts of the world, but they are there all the same.

Who knew all murderers disposed of their victims humanely.

I’m Canadian and I’m against the death penalty. Just heard yesterday on one of the American networks that for every seven Americans executed in the States, one American on death row is cleared. Remember Hurricane Carter? Several citizens in Montreal played a role to be proud of in that story.

Anyway, We should send back Americans regardless of assurances, because America’s internal business has nothing to do with us, and I don’t believe it is incumbent upon us to protect foreign murderers. However Canadians should not be subjected to capital punishment, and if neccessary should be tried in Canada if assurances can’t be given.