This morning I put six separate ads on Craigslist for things we want to sell. This afternoon I got six replies, all from people with female first names, all of which tried to direct me to for a video of questions about the items for sale.

In the notes/comments section of the reply email, there was posted the EXACT same message word for word from “The Davis family”.

Ya smellin’ what I’m smellin’?

Out of morbid curiosity, I went to the site and plugged in the code number they’d given to me and my spyware blocked it as a “mature content” site.

Has anyone else had any experience with this particular form of… promotion?

Sounds like a variation of those fake profiles on Facebook where you are provided a link to an adult website after adding them.

Even with good virus protection, why would you go to that site and interact with it at all?

Yes. I regularly post Craigslist items for a non-profit and we constantly receive these sorts of replies. The other common reply we get is from people fishing for email addresses. These generally include a short question or statement such as:

Is the price really this low?
Is this new?
Is this still available?
I did not see the photos.

It becomes obvious when you post 10 items and all 10 receive an inquiry at the exact same time.

It’s got to be a scam. A friend of mine posted a Craigslist ad this week and someone replied that they were interested in buying his item, but wanted to post a question that they couldn’t explain so they sent a link to a video along with a code number. The e-mail mentioned nothing about the actual item or why they couldn’t just write the question. Luckily his browser wouldn’t load the page, there was probably malware involved.

Good point. Even if you have the latest definitions, there’s still the possibility that a new threat can get you. The virus definitions lag behind the new viruses, for obvious reasons.