sending electrical appliance to Japan: need converter?

I want to send a CFL desktop lamp to someone in Japan. Total power consumption is rated at 25 watts.

The electrical system here in the US is 120 VAC, 60 Hz.

The eletrical system in Japan (Osaka specifically) is 100 VAC, 60 Hz.

Do I need to supply a power converter, or will this CFL be expected to function properly (if at reduced capacity)?

If you’re sure it’s 100 volt, then it should be fine with just an adapter plug. However, last I heard, the rest of the world was using 220 volt outlets, and the US was just about the last country still using 110v plugs.

If they are using 220v, you’ll have to get a power converter that will probably cost as much or more than the lamp itself. It’s far, far easier just to buy a similar lamp in Japan.

While ~220 volts does seem to be more popular around the world, Osaka definitely is 100 volts, and modern buildings there utilize the same outlet shape/style as the US.

Japan is 100v in all likely hood the lamp will work fine. If it was a regular incandescent chances would be even better. My experiences in Japan are limited to hotels and convention centers where more effort is put into providing 110v power. Overall Japans tends to be moving to US power standards with similar power outputs and electrical codes.

An incandescent light bulb is about the least picky electrical device imaginable. DC, AC of any frequency, messy waveforms, whatever. The only thing that’ll matter at all for an incandescent is the RMS voltage, and even there, all that’ll happen if it’s wrong is that it’ll burn out quicker if it’s too high, or not be as bright if it’s too low.

It’ll work fine. Whoever you’re sending it to will need a plug adapter if the lamp has a 3-prong plug, but those are easier to find and cheaper to buy here than in the US.

Won’t they just use locally obtained light bulbs anyway? If so, the important thing is if the bulb threads match.

This is the light. The CFL in this device doesn’t have standard threads on it, just a pair of flanged prongs that click onto place in the socket. A CFL is included in the box with the fixture.