sending email at later date

I need to send an email announcement to some people, but I want to send it out while I am on vacation and away from a computer. Is there a way I can write the email, save it and somehow have it sent out at a later date…like next week?

I’ve looked on web and help topics with outlook, but it wasn’t really helpful.

In outlook,

Create a new message, in the new message window go to View > Options

Under Delivery Options, use the part that says “Do not deliver before”

I don’t have an “options” under View.

I do have an “options” under Tools; but I don’t see anything that says “delivery options”

I think this is the problem I was having from my previous web search on the topic.

Would it be hidden somewhere else?

Are you sure you’re still in the “new message” window?

Maybe you’re using Outlook Express, which is very different from Outlook? [edit] And has no “send later” feature.

There are delayed email services on the web, such as Whether they allow multiple recipients, I don’t know. I’ve only used Time Cave for simple one-recipient emails.

I start a new email; and am looking under the “View” tab in that new email.

It has the following:

Web Layout
Print Layout
Task Pane
Document Map
(plus a few others that are greyed out)

I don’t think I have Outlook Express. From my Help–> about Microsot Office Outlook; it says

Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 (11.8217.8221) SP3

Nothing about Outlook Express.

It may be a versional difference in Outlook 2003. Do you have an “options” button on your toolbar?


Hidden amongst all the clutter in my Toolbar is a little button that says “options”

From there I found the don’t send until after…
Thanks; I was getting pretty frustrated.