Sense Field Music

Recently Sense Field’s song Save Yourself has been playing on the radio. I liked the song so much i went out and bought the CD the other day. For all those people who have heard the song and like the music I was wondering your opinion on the meaning of that song. Feel free to comment on the meanings to other songs by them from their newest CD!

Is there no one out there that has heard this song or group and would care to share what they think of their music??

Yeah I actually heard it and just figured out the song/band name today. It was pretty good. I guess it’s about a guy with low self-esteem, looking for someone who will love him for who he really is rather than…er, something else? Sorry, I’m kind of out of it tonight.

Hmmm…either there aren’t a lot of people who have heard of this band or no one wants to talk about it. So, if you have heard of them post and if you havent go out and buy or DL one of their songs!