Sensitivity to hyperactivity

I’m under the impression that at least one of my children may be susceptible to hyperactivity.

Where can I properly find out more about susceptibility to hyperactivity, nd what specific food and additives to avoid?

try this link on amazon . I suffered from hyperactivity as a kid (and still do to some extent) and after having a painless test for it, we discovered it was all down to diet. which was basically an immense shopping list of stuff im allergic to causing behavourial problems, which ran and still runs from milk, oranges, apples to monosoduim glutemate and hundreds of E numbers. you’d be surprised at some of the stuff that can effect behaviour, especially with young children.
E for Additives was the bible back then (around 1987) but as its been updated should still be good. sorted my problem out back then.

i also see you’re in yorkshire. the place I had the test for this at (which involves simply holding a metal bar and having another metal bar placed between your toes to register the amount of allergicness to a substance, although this may have been updated) was in Heckmondwike, West Yorks, at a place called Richardsons, but i cant be entirely sure of the name. i havent been around there for years, so it may not be there anymore, but it might be worth a try. Im pretty sure there are other places in Yorkshire a doctor could recommend. ill try and find out from my mother.

I hope this helps, because that book, test and diet certainly saved me, my family and people at school etc back then a great deal of bother from my behaviour.