Sentimental, romantics need only reply!

I am a seriously hopeless romantic and I just saw the movie, ** Return to Me ** with David Duchovny and Minnie Driver, it was fabulous. Bonnie Hunt wrote, directed and acts in this, keeping the characters real and likable. It transcends syrupy though, which is nice, if you get the chance, go see it!

One romantic checking in.

What does it compare to Anti Pro? Any like romantic flicks you could equate it with?

Okay, though most might not know it, I’m a hopeless romantic…I shush anyone if they interupt during a syrupy part of a movie…and I have to watch any gushy flick that’s on TV. Runaway Bride was so good…one of the many that I could watch over and over…::SIGH:: I told my mom the other night I watch them because at least I can watch the romance I don’t have.

I don’t usually watch romantic films. Why should I watch other people get relationships?

I do like Always, though.

** dpr, ** what a tough question!! I had to call my son in here for a more in depth response, than my own, ummmmmm. This is his answer, and it’s good! ‘It doesn’t really compare to any other romantic movie because it had more than just the romantic side, it was humorous, and while you did figure how it was going to end, you enjoyed the ride watching it unfold because of the strong performances all around.’ David was so believable, and I don’t get teary at movies often, but when he started crying, so did I (that’s ME, by the way, not my son!)

Minnie was good, but the writing by Bonnie was believable, and likable too, without being mushy or ‘over the top’. DJ, my son, doesn’t like romantic movies and yet he did like this.

** Johnny L.A. ** yeah, while I’m also not crazy about watching others develop relationships, that somehow, I sure can’t manage. I found myself wondering how these LIVES went later, as if it were real, which is unusual for me.

** CarmenLucia, ** it’s nice to know there are others out there who love the * idea of love * as much as I do!! :wink:

Because you get to see them face their obstacles and hopefully come out a better person?

Casablanca… oh, now THAT was a romantic movie! I cried!!! It was so sad! But so romantic! oh… <sniffle>…

I really, really liked this movie. Nothing too deep or symbolic, just a nice love story. Great performances by the actors (who thought David Duchovny could pull off a sensitive, sweet guy?)

Bonnie Hunt is one of my favorites, so I knew going in that she would have a good handle on the humorous side. She also made the love story not schmaltzy.

I would put it on par with movies like Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail (I guess any Meg Ryan movie).

Meg Ryan? Yeah, I liked Courage Under Fire :smiley:

** Baglady, ** Oh yeah, * Casablanca, ** wasn’t the photography beautiful in that last scene? It was so weird when I actually SAW the airplane that was used, and it was soooo tiny!

Anyone else for favorites? ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ with Alan Rickman is a new favorite for me. No makeup for the woman, and they were not young kids making out, the people * felt * real and interesting.

** boli, ** didn’t you just love the way Elizabeth’s dog kept staring at the door waiting for her to come home?

I just found this neat site all about ‘Return to Me’ and thought I’d come post it for those interested in seeing more about the movie:

It not only had the story line, pictures, but also a dating quiz so that you could test yourself to see how ‘datable’ you are! Give it a shot.

Am I the only one who was a little creeped out by the last scene, where he half-hugs her while listening to her heart?
I kept thinking ‘The relationship is doomed’.

I love this movie. I’m not usually into romantic movies, but I’ve got this one on tape and cry like a baby (especially when Rickman first appears).

I’m a hopeless romantic, too. I liked “The Wedding Singer” because Robby was such a sweetheart and so was Julia, but they both hooked up with such jerky people. The whole time I’m like, “Julia, run away from that creep!” and then in the end the creep got what he deserved. Besides, I like how they were friends first but then it built, and you could see the romantic undertones. I’m not into instantaneous passion usually…just seems kind of stupid to me.

I loved this one too because they showed her really crying (snot and all) and really conveyed how heartbroken she was. And the scene where they sing and play “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” was so great because it really captured the joy and exuberance in their relationship. One of my all-time favorites.

** spoojie, ** while I still love that movie, I DID think it odd that he listened to her heart, but she seemed so thankful and accepting of his still missing Elizabeth, I don’t think it means the relationship is doomed.

** Fellow, ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’, lovers: brachyrhynchos, and gigi!! **

Didn’t you feel like you were watching REAL people with the no make up? Brach, I cried too when Rickman showed up, and like gigi, I loved the ‘Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’ scene, but it was the touching vignettes, sighting of cloud shapes and to her, they all looked like * his mother * when Rickman is telling her of ‘Anna’ the little girl on the playground and where does love go?

But, I gotta say, those ghosts had pretty good taste in movies too!