Separate machines or all-in-one DVD/VCR machine?

My VCR is giving up the ghost, so I’m shopping for a replacement. I’ve got scads of video cassettes so I’m not giving up a VCR. I’m interested in a DVD player as well, since DVD’s seem to be the wave of the future. I’m hardly a snobbish audio/visual technophile, I just need something that will set up easily, play my tapes and cassettes without memorizing a page of directions and last for at least 5-10 years until the next electronic marvel is introduced. I live in a one bedroom condo so I’m not gonna even hook up my machines to a stereo system because I don’t need all that much sound.

Okay, after getting all that exposition out of the way, do I have to get a separate VCR and DVD players, or is the technology now good enough so that I can get a machine that does both well and won’t break down quickly? I plan on purchasing a Sony or Toshiba, well known brands that have a track record. Thanks for your recommendations.

I have a Samsung DVD/VCR that would seem to do just what you want. There weren’t all that many combo machines when I went looking for one, and the market seemed to be divided into extremely expensive machines and a few inexpensive ones, like the Samsung.

It doesn’t have quite as many features as my #1 VCR, and only records on SLP and SP, but it hasn’t broken down yet either. You can also record from the DVD to the VCR if you ever should want.

Ah, somehow I missed your other thread. The reason I wanted a combo is that I only had one connector left on my receiver. While you say that’s not an issue for you, you may want to run the sound through a proper stereo at some point. It makes a huge difference.