September 2010 picture thread

Here’s a photo of the top of a subterranean mall in Paris. I think it was the Chatelete les Halles stop on the blue line from Charles de Gaulle airport:


I remember it took quite a while to find an exit from that mall to the surface. The picture’s from after visiting the Louvre and being tired from wayyy too much walking.

Here’s another from the Louvre looking west as you exit the pyramid:


All I have to say is: Paris is unbelievably gorgeous and I can not wait to get back there.

Here’s one from close to Donegal Ireland:


I’ve been to Ireland 4 times, but never so far north. Wow, is that an incredibly beautiful area!

I’m hoping today or next weekend to get some good photos of NE as the trees change color.

Anyone else want to want to share some photos from the past month?