sequels vs. series

I know several people that swear “I will never see a sequel. they are just ripoffs the original”. But these same people will see ever Star Wars,Star Trek movie because its just the next chapter in the story.

So my question is: what determines whether its a sequel or series?

Was Batman IV a sequel,series, or just a piece of crap. it had different main actors.

Yeah, this can be confusing. IMHO, a true “sequel” is something that was unplanned. It is the result of a movie doing well at the box office, oftimes in spite of the critics, and the studio wants to capitilze on the success. Sometimes a movie will be open-ended just in case it does well. Consider Blue Streak, which earned almost as much as its budget in the US alone. A sequel is currently in production.

A “series” is something that was planned almost from the very beginning, like Star Wars. Somtimes a movie will prompt a series. Consider Back to the Future, whose gross of $348.2 worldwide resulted in a series of two sequels. Sometimes a group of somewhat disjointed sequels can be considered a series, like the James Bond movies. Alien also fits into this category, as does Indiana Jones

Sequels are nothing new, they were being done at least as early as 1951 (e.g.: Father of the Bride and Father’s Little Dividend) Neither are series movies, which were quite popular during WWII (e.g.: the Blondie movies - 1938-'50; the Abbott & Costello movies - 1941-'55).

did they plan on making a series out of Buckaroo Bonzai or was the announcement at the end just part of the movie?

I thought it originally didn’t justify a sequel because of its weak showing. but now that is has gained status and the actors certainly don’t have anything else better to do then why not?

I don’t think there’s a hard and fast difference. Both show further adventures of the characters in the first movie. Sometimes they’re planned out, sometimes not.

“Series” is often used to describe a movie and its sequels. Thus “The Road Warrior” is the sequel to “Mad Max,” but is part of the “Mad Max” series.

“Series” is the older form (as far as movies are concerned). It wasn’t unusual to have a successful character appear again in a series of films, much like characters appearing in a series of TV shows. But there was little connection between films other than the main characters. (Though there were sequels even as far back as the silent days – “The Shiek” and “Son of the Shiek,” for instance.)

But when Star Wars was filmed, the studio had no plans for a sequel; they weren’t sure it would be successful. Lucas may have, but that was another matter.

And something like the “Thin Man” series wasn’t planned at all. Same for “The Godfather” – it was originally supposed to be one film. And, anyway, you can’t really plan for a series, since if the first film is a flop, there won’t be a second.