Sequence Puzzle

I hope this doesn’t turn out to be another “gry” puzzle.
Can anyone help? What is the next sequence in this puzzle? (6X6 GRID, ‘_’ = empty square)
Sequence one
_ O _ O _ _
O O O X X _

  • O X O X X
    O O _ _ X O
    X O X _ X X
    _ _ O _ _ _

Number 2
_ O _ _ X _
O O _ X X _
_ O _ O X X
O O O _ X O
_ _ _ _ X X

Number 3
_ O X _ _ _
O _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ O X X
O O _ _ X O
_ _ _ _ X X

Number 4

I’d love to help, but I’m not sure if the Xs are offense or defense.


It would be stupid of me to assume that each block is identical, wouldn’t it? Because that would be stupid. And not even remotely puzzle-like.

<< courtesy bump anyway >>

With the x’s indicating new pieces of a certain number of turns in youth.
It’s interesting to not that a new piece gets added, but overall, the pieces on the board are disappearing, extermities first.
Fiddling around with it now to see if I can figure out the rules.

Seem to be a couple of errors though. Could be I’m not following it mentally right, or not doing the wrap-around write, or iterating through the board wrong (left-right? up-down? down-up? right-left? recursively applied squares?)
Animating it seems to help.

@1=qw(_O_O__ OOOXX_ _OXOXX OO__XO XOX_XX __O___);
@2=qw(_O__X_ OO_XX_ _O_OXX OOO_XO ____XX ______);
@3=qw(_OX___ O_____ ___OXX OO__XO ____XX ______);
while (1)
	foreach (1..3)
		print join("
		sleep 1;
	sleep 5;

Writing a quickie tree of life to see if how a matrix of size 6x6 with the settings in the first one ends up. Going to trace through it in various directions too.
Current guess at the rules:
1- 2die
3- create
4- create? constant?
5- constant
6- 8die

Grr. Where’d those extra spaces in the “code” section come from?
And where’d the ! after my # sign go? :slight_smile: Must’ve cut n pasted it incorrectly?

I too though it was tree of life. I haven’t figured anything out yet. I also want to check the ‘blank’ squares to, as my first impulse is to ignore them.